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We are delighted to recommend Liv to anyone looking for a tutor. She has supported our daughter with chemistry and biology tuition during Year 11 in preparation for her GCSEs and her input has been invaluable. Liv identified and focused on the areas Erin was struggling with and has worked with her at her own pace to improve her knowledge. She has also provided us with great feedback. Erin feels Liv has given her confidence in her own ability and there was a marked improvement in her mock GCSE results after only a few months’ input. 

Thank you so much Liv.

Kate S

My year 10 has been working with Liv for the past seven months or so. I honestly didn’t think it would last! My year 10 isn’t very studious but Liv made a connection straight away and we are really happy with her no fuss approach, consistency and reliability. We will definitely keep Liv going until after the GCSEs so that is through the whole of year 11. Liv starts the hour with a talk on a subject and sharing of notes etc. and there follows plenty of exam practice questions. It has increased my year 10’s confidence and ability to tackle a science subject where before she thought she would struggle. Thank you.

Lisa M

Helped me improve massively through my gcses by covering content and exam questions, went up 2 grades from my first set of mocks to the second with Liv’s help, and she’s also made me feel confident in achieving good results in my GCSE’S

Levana D


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